Leadville, CO Apartments - Tabor Grand Hotel Apartments

Located in historic downtown Leadville the newly renovated Tabor Grand Hotel Apartments are open for leasing. Originally opened in 1885 by the founder of Leadville, Horace Tabor, the Tabor Grand Hotel housed guests ranging from numerous sitting Presidents to famous outlaw gambler Doc Holliday. After the rich silver deposit surrounding Leadville was depleted the hotel quickly fell into disrepair.

In 2014 the Tabor Grand Hotel Apartments were purchased by Overland Property Group who began a yearlong, nine million dollar renovation that completely updated the 37 pet friendly one and two bedroom apartments. The Tabor Grand is centrally located in downtown Leadville, and is surrounded by restaurants, schools, and entertainment options. Overland Property Group invites you to experience living in the best example of the gilded history of Leadville and the start of a revitalization of this historic district.

Winner of the 2016 Steven H. Hart Governors Award for Historic Preservation in Colorado, Affordable Housing Finance Readers Choice Award Finalist, and many other prestigious awards.